Rates & Fees

Inquiry submission for a loan at ThinkWallet.com costs absolutely nothing. ThinkWallet.com is neither a lender nor lending partner thus it does not provide lending services. The website searches its database that houses a vast number of lenders and connects customers with them based on submitted information. This way, a person can choose a lender or lending partner with the loan conditions that are best suited for their needs, providing an ability to directly submit a request to the lender or lending partner.

The Truth in Lending Act requires full and transparent disclosure of all the fees as well as interest rates that borrowers are able to impose. This information has to be disclosed by a lender or lending partner to the client during approval of a loan. Upon the approval of a loan, the majority of lenders or lending partners direct clients to an e-signature page. It is provided by the lender or lending partner with whom a client has been connected.

Full Disclosure of Terms

The lender or a lending partner provides documents with all the information about fees and rates before the loan is offered to the client. It is important to review this information thoroughly before agreeing to the terms of a loan. The client does not necessarily have to accept the terms. If the person decides that terms and conditions are acceptable and wishes to proceed with a loan, they are required to e-sign the page and wait for the transfer of money. 

Loan fees and interest rates are determined only and only by the lender or lending partner. A specific amount is based on the information provided by a potential borrower to the said lender or lending partner. ThinkWallet.com does not have any control or knowledge regarding details of loans between a client and lender or lending partner. A client is under does not have to proceed with a request if the lender’s or lending partner’s loan terms are unacceptable.

Late Payment Policy

Lenders and lending partners have their own policies when it comes to late payments. It is advisable to review the late payment policy that is provided with the documents by a lender or lending partner before proceeding with an e-signature. All lenders and lending partners have to follow established rules, laws, and regulations regarding late payments and appropriate applicable fees.

No-payment Policy

A lender or lending partner may impose additional fees if the client is not able to repay the loan. ThinkWallet.com puts an effort to cooperate with reputable lenders and lending partners who are dedicated to pursuing collections of accounts that have missed their due payments with fair and reasonable conduct.

Loan Renewal Policy

Loan renewal policies are mostly regulated by applicable legislation. In some states, rollovers and other repayment loan extensions are allowed. This, as well as any late fees applied, can considerably increase the final price of a loan.