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Life is dynamic, and it can throw you into a financial need at any time. Even with the savviest spending or strict budgeting, there are moments you face unexpected expenses. You might get tempted to dip into your savings or use a credit card. But getting a personal loan is an ideal solution. The borrowed money can help in debt consolidation, large purchases, or catering for emergency needs. However, most borrowers have a hard time getting reliable lenders.

ThinkWallet is committed to helping you get the best personal loan from a trustworthy lender. Lender offers differ based on their requirements, though they have similar eligibility criteria. With a personal loan, you can fund major expenses on better terms.

Why ThinkWallet?


You see authentic and accurate rates. Each lender offers different rates, but they are genuine. No tricks. No hidden charges. All you need is to pick a product and check your personalized rates. Using ThinkWallet to compare rates is 100% free and secure.


ThinkWallet is built on transparency and reliability principles. We only get paid after a client closes a loan with a lender.


The government scrutinizes our partner lenders for safe and secure loaning processes. Your information is well encrypted to avoid hacking. No spam. No scam. No risk!

Let ThinkWallet Find You A Licensed Lender

Getting a personal loan from a reputable online source helps you avoid fraudulent transactions and scams. Reliable and licensed money lenders provide loans of different sizes, interest rates, and repayment terms. You might deal with a few restrictions, but it’s worth every effort.

Our team of experts ensures we only have trustworthy personal loan companies on our list. Working with a licensed lender has a myriad of benefits, including;

Safer and regulated activities - only vetted personal loan organizations

At ThinkWallet, we work with lenders who have undergone government registrations and checks. As a result, they adhere to rules and regulations that protect you from abusive and fraudulent behavior. Besides, they receive approvals to conduct transactions by following stringent measures. As a result, you rely on them for transparent lending processing.

Immediate accessibility - online and straightforward

Taking a quick personal loan from a bank near you is quite cumbersome, and the process is complex. Getting the decision done can take weeks, and if your credit score is lower, you won’t get approval. The uncertainty and long waiting period is challenging, especially when you want to consolidate your debts.

That’s why working with best personal loan lenders is our priority. We do not promise you same-day personal loans, but your loan will get approved within a week after fulfilling the requirements. The process is straightforward, and you will get immediate cash into your account.

Fast approvals - quick personal loans

Working with licensed loan lenders that support online approval has been a great advantage to our clients. They receive faster personal loan approvals, and the process itself is seamless. In addition, you can review the regulations, policies, and routines online and choose what works best for you. 

More so, the verification process is fast without in-depth investigations. These approaches are suitable for individuals in any emergencies or urgent situations.

Fair personal loan interest rates

At ThinkWallet, we work with lenders who offer affordable interest rates. This means that you get fast loan approvals to sort out your emergency while enjoying low-interest personal loan rates.

Personal loans for bad credit available

Lenders from our network are considering various credit scores. Even if your credit history is not perfect, you can still get a loan offer. The cash amount offered depends on the lender.

Ready to get your Loan offer?

How To Get A Personal Loan: The Process

At ThinkWallet, we have simplified the process of applying for personal loans from trustworthy lenders. You don’t have to rummage through the internet looking for a firm to come through for your financial needs.
The process comes in three simplified steps.


Check Your Credit Score

Your credit score is imperative when it comes to getting a personal loan. Lenders look at your score to determine how reliable or risky you are as a borrower. VantageScores and FICO scores are the common credit scores used by most lenders.

Checking your scores regularly is a smart money move. Ensure you check the credit card statement, including basic information like monthly balance, purchase history, and interest rates.

You may also check your credit score with a card provider. While not every firm provides credit scores monthly, several organizations allow users to access scores through online profiles.

Ideally, you can quickly get your credit score using a ThinkWallet account. We also give your free access to identity and credit monitoring.


Compare Different Offers

You will have to answer a few crucial questions on ThinkWallet to get personalized rates. Remember, we have an array of lenders with different rates. By answering questions, we will help pick lenders that suit your needs.

In addition, lenders heavily rely on factors like debt-to-in ratio, credit score, and income to determine the amount you can get. So as you give out information, ensure you’re honest to the core for easy approval.

We also conduct soft credit inquiry to ensure your score is not affected.


Select a Suitable One

After verification, you can get about six lending offers on ThinkWallet. The results can vary from one lender to another. The variation in offers is based on several factors, such as financial profile, credit score, and income.

Be keen to check customer reviews to get invaluable information about the lender. Evaluate the interest rates, payment terms, and other critical factors. For example, a lender calculates the interest rate based on the type of the loan, length, and creditworthiness. Ideally, the better the score, the lower the interest rate.

When you’re ready and satisfied, make your choice and apply for a personal loan!

The Purpose of a Personal Loan

Sometimes, securing a personal loan will help you sort your financial situation upfront. Here are major reasons to get a personal loan.

An alternative to payday loan

Securing a personal loan comes on better terms compared to payday loans. In this case, you’ll save hundreds of dollars. According to the FRB, the average APR for personal loans is 36%, while that of a payday loan is a whopping 391%.

Payday loans have high-interest rates with short repayment terms, ranging between 2- 4 weeks. Although you get a loan within the same day, the quick turnaround makes it hard for borrowers to pay on time. In addition, late payment attracts accrued interest which increases the amount owed. With this accumulated amount, you tend to pay more than you intended, making your financial situation even worse.

On the other hand, even small personal loans have a more extended repayment period and will generally cost you less interest charges. Hence, they are safer and cheaper than payday loans.

Emergency expenses

Emergencies are sometimes inevitable. And when such happens, a personal loan can be the ultimate option. For example, paying for your loved one’s funeral is a burden that weighs most families down. You can also have a surprise medical bill for you or your loved ones.

Some doctors or facilities will require you to pay the full amount before getting treatment. After negotiating with the insurance and the hospital, you might need to secure a personal loan to clear the unexpected medical costs.

Vehicle financing

Buying a car, RV, private jet, or boat can quickly deplete your savings. So getting a personal loan helps you buy the vehicle, especially when you’re not buying it directly from the company. In addition, using a personal loan is a better option than depleting your emergency funds or savings when covering significant expenses.

Debt consolidation

Debts are part of our lives. But you need to make calculated moves to avoid accumulating huge debts with high-interest rates. And the trick to this is securing a personal loan to consolidate debts. The grouping of debts makes it easier to pay off the balances without feeling overwhelmed.

Taking a personal loan helps you clear other debts at lower interest rates. And with a flexible repayment period, you can also manage to have your savings account balanced.

Wedding costs

A wedding is enthralling, but it can also drain a couple’s savings account. On average, a wedding can cost $28,000, which most people cannot afford. Wedding costs include flowers, gowns, photography, and even buying the ring.

You can finance your wedding effortlessly without dipping into your emergency kitty or savings.

These are just some of the expenses a personal loan can cover. Other expenses include vacation costs, home renovation, appliance and furniture purchases, moving costs, and more.

Types of Personal Loans Offered

Personal loans are there to solve different needs. And unlike a car loan or mortgage, which specifies the purpose of the loan, a personal loan can be used to pay for various expenses. We have explained the different types of personal loans you can secure with our lenders.

Fixed or Variable Interest Rate

The interest rate on a fixed-rate loan doesn’t change with time. It means you’ll have fixed monthly payments. The scheduled payments help you in planning your finances accordingly.

On the other hand, variable interest loans mean interest charges can change during the life of your personal loan. However, the starting rate is usually lower than the fixed-rate loan.

Debt Consolidation Loan

The debt consolidation loan is a personal loan that helps individuals refinance their existing debts. The interest rate on a debt consolidation loan is typically lower than on credit card debt or payday loans. This personal loan allows you to manage a single monthly payment.

Credit Card Cash Advances

This is where the borrower seeks loan approval against the available cash advance limit. However, cash advances accrue high interest rates compared to other personal loans. Depending on the company’s policy, you may secure the cash advance from a credit bank or union, use ATM to withdraw money, or get the cash advance directly from the company. 

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